Apple plans to launch services to the immediate payment over the phone in a number of countries around the world Sunday

Apple plans to launch services to the immediate payment over the phone in a number of countries around the world Sunday

Announced "Jennifer Bailey" - Vice President of Apple Inc. to serve the immediate payment, in an interview with "TechCrunch" US - that Apple is trying to expand its own payment on smartphones service, carrying apple pay name to more countries in Asia, Europe, as the famous American company is looking to its service become available in all major markets in which it operates. Apple pay service, according to site US techtimes Vtad Singapore is the latest country will witness the launch of Apple's service for payment immediately after the announcement of the introduction last month, Singapore is the second country in Asia up to Apple's service for payment immediately, after China, which is the first country targeted by Apple. Apple and expanded service and prompt payment in Singapore, becoming the service now supports five major banks in the country, covering 80 percent of the cards. Apple's service is available for immediate payment in other countries like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, for a total of six countries where this service is available, Apple revealed that it plans to expand its service to reach Hong Kong soon.

How to Use iPhone 6....6S+ Keyboard as Trackpad with 3D Touch

iPhone Keyboard as Trackpad with 3D Touch

Navigating around text blocks in iOS is typically done by hunting and pecking with a finger to tap in between precisely the write characters or words. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that approach and that’s what we have all become used to on the iPhone, but the 3D Touch enabled devices offer a much better way by transforming the keyboard into a trackpad.
Not only can you move around text with the keyboard as a trackpad trick, but you can select text on iPhone with this 3D Touch trick as well. Let’s review how this works.
Using the iPhone Keyboard as a Trackpad
Want an easier time moving the text cursor around in an exactly precise manner? This 3D Touch trick is the way to do it:
  1. Open any application where the keyboard is accessible and a text entry field is available, for this example we use Notes app
  2. Input some text as usual, then hard press on the keyboard to activate the 3D Touch trackpad
  3. Continue holding the press and swipe around on the keyboard to move the cursor
  4. You’ll notice the keyboard keys disappear and turn blank to indicate the trackpad is active. When you release the hard press, the trackpad transforms back into the regular keyboard on the iPhone.
    Here is how the iPhone keyboard trackpad looks in animated GIF form to give a general idea of how it works and what it looks like:
  5. It may take a little bit of practice to get right, but once you get used to it it makes text selection and editing infinitely easier on the iPhone screen.
    Selecting Text with the Keyboard 3D Touch Trackpad Trick
    Another great trick which is a little harder to master is the ability to select text with the 3D Touch trackpad trick. This is basically the same as using the keyboard as a trackpad as outlined above with two critical difference:
    1. Open any app with text entry and keyboard input but where selectable text exists (like Notes, Pages, Mail, etc)
    2. Use a softer press on the keyboard to activate the 3D Touch trackpad as usual
    3. When you navigate the cursor to the desired location, hard press to start selecting text, and continue to hard press as you swipe to the rest of the text block to select, then release as usual
    4. This one takes a bit more practice to master, but once you get it down, it’s quite handy. For best results you may want to change how sensitive 3D Touch is to pressure on iPhone so that it’s easy to distinguish between the soft and hard press.
      This may be one of the best 3D Touch features out there, and while it missed a spot in a recent round up of eight particularly useful 3D Touch tricks for iPhone, it easily deserves a spot out there as many of our commenters pointed out.
      Looking for some more great 3D Touch tricks? Browse through our 3D Touch articles here.

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How to Check for Malware/Viruses for your iPhone Been Hacked?

Has YOUR iPhone been secretly HACKED? This new app wants to help you find out

IF YOU worry about who is spying on your Apple iPhone, then you might want to download this app.

If you have jailbroken your iPhone and are now worried about the security of your device, then this could be the app for you.
When you jailbreak an iPhone – you remove the software restrictions imposed by Apple on the iOS operating system and can install unapproved apps, change the look of your device and add extensions not available on the App Store.
Apple ends all warranty and support after a device is jailbroken.
By opening up iOS to more customisation options, a jailbroken iPhone also allows hackers more opportunity to access your device and the data stored on it.
If you purchased an iPhone second-hand, had it stolen and later returned, you might not even be aware that your iPhone is jailbroken.
Now an app has launched that will reveal all about your iPhone's security settings including whether or not it has been hacked.
Dubbed System and Security Info, the app shows detailed information about your device.
One of the app's unique features is a jailbreak and anomaly detection that can help security concerned users to check for potential privacy issues and security threats.

Save Pictures Automatically from Facebook Messenger

f you’re an avid Facebook Messenger user who sends a lot of pictures back and forth, you may appreciate having the app automatically save those photos and images directly to your iPhone, without having to manually do so yourself. With the help of a simple settings switch, you could do exactly that.

For this trick to work, the Facebook Messenger app needs access to the camera roll and iPhone Photos app, otherwise the feature can’t be enabled since it won’t have access to save pictures to the Photos app.
How to Automatically Save Photos from Facebook Messenger to iPhone
This will keep a copy of all Facebook Messenger pictures locally on the iPhone. The feature works the same on Android as well, but we’re obviously focusing on iOS here.
  1. Open Facebook Messenger, then click on the Settings gear icon
  2. Scroll down in Settings to find “Save Photos to Camera Roll” and flip the switch to the ON position

Toggling this setting will save all photos from all conversations in Facebook Messenger automatically. You can confirm it’s working by returning to the Facebook Messenger app and having someone send you a picture, it will then appear in your Photos app Camera Roll automatically.
This prevents you from having to save pictures from Facebook manually using the tap-and-hold trick, which works the same in Facebook app as Facebook Messenger.
If you want to stop this behavior, simply return to the Facebook Messenger settings and switch “Save Photos to Camera Roll” to the OFF position.

How to Save Webpages to iBooks as PDF on iPhone & iPad for Offline Access

How to Save Webpages to iBooks as PDF on iPhone & iPad for Offline Access   

  • You can easily save any webpage to iBooks as a PDF file for later reading on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch by using a new feature built into the action sheet of iOS. This ability will create a PDF of the active web page and store it in iBooks in iOS, available for quick later access or offline viewing.

To have access to the “Save PDF to iBooks” feature in iOS, you’ll need to be sure you’re running a modern version of system software on the iPhone or iPad, anything over iOS 9 will have the Save to PDF feature, earlier versions of iOS do not without using this bookmarklet trick.
How to Save a Web Page to iBooks as a PDF in iOS
  1. Open Safari and visit a web page you wish to save as a PDF
  2. Tap the Sharing action button, it’s the square with an arrow flying out of it
  3. Scroll over on the Sharing actions until you see “Save PDF to iBooks” and tap on that
  4. A PDF will be generated of the webpage in question, available for access at anytime by it’s name found in the iOS iBooks application
The webpage is saved into iBooks and opened through the iBooks app in iOS:

In these screenshot examples we saved this guide for unlocking an iPhone 6s but you can obviously use any webpage you want.
Quite easy and very convenient for situations where you want to have access to an article or webpage at a later time on your iPhone or iPad, without having to relocate the URL, the webpage, or even being online.
If you’re wanting to save a long article, be sure you select the “Single Page” view on websites that break up articles across many pages. This can be helpful for reading just about anything on the web through a PDF editor, as the files will be stored in the iBooks app of iOS until you delete them yourself. You can even share the saved PDF webpages if you’d like too.

Similarly useful features have long existed on the Mac and desktop computers with the “Print to PDF” ability available in just about every app of OS X.